Enjoy Symone on moto today !

Welcome aboard Symone !

Symone rethinks how to travel on long motorway journeys by combining free time saving, ecology and road safety.

Enjoy Symone on moto today !

Welcome aboard Symone !

Symone rethinks how to travel on long motorway journeys by combining free time saving, ecology and road safety.

Official opening of the fundraising campaign for all!

Following the selection and presentation of Symone to the European Parliament on June 7, 2023 among the 100 European solutions to accelerate the ecological transition, the fundraising campaign for all is officially open!

From €200 (and €10,000 live), participate in the adventure by becoming a shareholder of Symone.

Only one address: https://sowefund.com/projet/177/symone

1) Register and complete your profile with an identity document.
2) Once your account has been validated, you have the opportunity to consult all the documents and become an associate 🤗

Symone, a new

experience of the road

Symone offers on the highway a new way of traveling that is ecological, shared and unique in the world. Symone is a large bus running on decarbon hydrogen, to move with your vehicle without driving it.







The founders

Yoann and Romain met through their volunteer commitment to the French Young Economic Chamber in Dijon. They carried out projects of general interest there and found themselves naturally in this business creation project. It was, among other things, the values of the collective and a sense of responsibility that brought them closer together.
“We know that the path to creating a company is long and frencomed with pitfalls. With commitment, humility and audacity we apprehend every difficulty as an opportunity and try the impossible.”
Three major areas of development have been pushing them for 2 years to see this project as a “raison d’être” rather than a simple business creation, however innovative it may be. “With Symone, we will be able to make our highways safer, greener and carbon-free”.

Symone, what does that change?


In the operating phase, up to 550 tons of CO2 less per year and by Symone H2 in circulation! The prototype will run on bioNGV (gas).


Travel with a free mind in comfortable compartmentalized cabins equipped with multiple services (wifi, video screens, high comfort armchair…) for an optimal experience. Amenity and catering are also available.


Our experienced driver will take you to your destination safely on the motorway network, day and night.


A Symone can accommodate up to 20 people with reduced mobility per way.


You quickly get on a Symone directly at the toll with your vehicle, with as much luggage and people as you want. A Symone can carry 6 to 10 vehicles (cars or motorcycles). Take advantage of your long motorway journeys to rest, for leisure, for
spend time with family or to work.passer du temps en famille ou pour travailler.

Awards & distinctions

ESUS label

Issued by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Digital Sovereignty. Obtained in 2022, for a period of 5 years.

Labeled Vehicle of the Future

The Pôle Véhicule du Futur is an association that promotes the synergy of companies, teaching and research in the field of vehicles and mobility of the future

Hydrogeny Winner 2022

"Coup de coeur and disruptive project" prize for the 2022 hydrogen trophies at the National Assembly.

Finalist "10K startups to change the world"

Symone wins the regional final of the competition organized by La Tribune and BNP Paribas, in the Start category.

Easy mobility challenge

Symone finished second in the Easy Mobility Challenge organized by CANAL+ and SEAT.

Deeptech member BPI France

Selected in November 2022, Symone is a member of "the ecosystem of startups that change the world through disruptive innovation".

The Arch winner

Symone was presented to the European Parliament in the 100 solutions for the planet.

Michelin International Winner

"A striking example of safe and effective mobility that meets the expectations of the end user and supports a viable business model for moving people with respect for the environment."

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Symone can count on the support of major players in economic development and mobility.