Symone at THE ARCH 2022 - 2023

📣 Incredible moments for this unmissable event of innovation and the environment, where many creative minds met. ✨ THE ARCH 2022-2023

🌍 Pitch, workshops and exchanges with experts to think of another world where economic development and ecology must be one

🚀 The Arch is much more than just an event, it is also a rich human experience where the strength of the collective makes sense in a complex and rich ecosystem of solutions. A last step at the European Parliament in Brussels to present these 100 European solutions, and to lead the “way” of all possibilities and close the loop! Symone is proud to have contributed to this and to be recognized as an impactful and easily deployable solution on a European scale

💪🏻 To participate in the Symone adventure even more closely, we took advantage of this exceptional event to officially launch the crowdequity campaign! Stay connected… 😉 for more information A big thank you to all the participants and the organizing team, for making this event a real success. Together, we are building a promising future!

Yoann Lacombe Romain COISPINE #innovation #technology #environment #entrepreneurship for the planetCatherine Chabaud Fabienne Keller Emma Scribe Pauline Autin Hortense Battle Christelle Captain Michel Barro Region Burgundy-Franche-Comté Moove Lab Aglaé MOBILIANS Via ID – Mobivia DECA-BFCEmmanuel Macron


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